Gala Spins FAQs

Q. Can I use my Gala Bingo username and password to log onto Gala Spins?
A. If you have an existing Gala Bingo account, and have used Gala Spins over the last two years; you will be able to continue using the same login. If you open a Gala Bingo or Gala Spins account after April 2019, you'll not be able to share the details.

Q. Can I claim the Gala Spins welcome offer if I am already a Gala Bingo player?
A. If you have never had an account with Gala Bingo or Gala Spins, you can take advantage of our superb welcome offer, Or if you sign up after 9th April 2019.

Q. Why do I need to verify my account?
A. To comply with gambling legislation, we are required to confirm the age and location of our players. If your account is not verified, you will not be able to deposit, place bets or withdraw.

Q. How can I update my address?
A. If you wish to update your address, you'll need to contact our Customer Support team. You'll need to provide proof of the new address, so that the account can be updated.

Q. Will my loyalty levels stay the same if I Iog into Gala Spins with my Gala Bingo existing username and password?
A. Gala Bingo & Gala Spins will work on separate loyalty programs moving forward. You will keep your current loyalty level for at least 2 months.

Q. Will there be a link added to the Gala Bingo homepage for Gala Spins?
A. We will occasionally join forces and create some promotions where you can access both sites easily.

Q. Can I log into Gala Spins and Gala Bingo at the same time?
A. Yes.

Q. How do I search for a game/slot?
A. On Desktop -  In the menu bar running across the top of the site, there is a 'search' field. Click/tap within this, and type the name of the game you're looking for. You'll then be able to select it from the list that appear.
On mobile - There will be a search button in the bottom left corner.

Q. Will my balance be the same on both Gala Bingo and Gala Spins?
A. No.

Q. Where are my pins?
A. You can re-add your favourites on our brand new site.

Q. If I use deposit limits on Gala Bingo will this also count on Gala Spins if I sign in with an existing account?
A. If you have previously set deposit limits, these will remain. If you set deposit limits after April 9th, they will only be saved on the website you set them on.

Q. Is there a Gala Spins App?
A. Yes.

Q. Will there be slots that offer free trial play?
A. No.

Q. If I change my password on Gala Bingo, will this also change my password on Gala Spins?
A. No.

Q. Will I be able to use my bank details from Gala Bingo on Gala Spins?
A. Your previous settings will remain on both sites. After April 9th, any new payment methods you edit/add will only be edited/added to the site you make the changes to.

Q. Do I need to re-register my card again?
A. No